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Expedition to Wyvern Tor [ D&D5 ] | Review

Expedition to Wyvern Tor is a D&D5e adventure for a party of characters at level 3-5, written by Daniele Severin. The author provided us with a copy for making this review.

Daniele Severin must have liked the D&D5e Starter Set very much. He created both this adventure and another one, The Tomb of the Dwarven King to be linked with the Starter Set adventure The Lost Mines of Phandelver. If The Tomb of the Dwarven King was written to be played before, as an introduction, Expedition to Wyvern Tor is instead designed to expand a side-quest concerning a group of orcs camped at Wyvern Tor.

Obviously with the necessary precautions this adventure can be modified and inserted in personalized campaigns.

The content of the product

The adventure is contained in a 12-page PDF so, since I don’t wanna make spoilers, it is difficult to give an idea of ​​the contents. There are two locations, with very classic connotations. Fortunately they provide the freedom to be managed, approached and resolved not in only one way.

Then there are some simple but effective additions to the possible encounters (or events) and to what can be found. The adventure therefore does not just add some places to the main campaign but provides many ideas to further expand the narrative possibilities of the characters.

The classic two-column layout is clear and the images are nice and appropriate. I would have liked a better map.

My judgement on Expedition to Wyvern Tor

I conclude starting from the price. The adventure can be purchased on DMSGuild in PDF format for 3.95$ or in Fantasy Grounds version for 4.95$. At this price it is a good deal if you want the equivalent of a nice one-shot, easy to use and with various ideas for continuation.

I believe that this is a good product that can be pleasantly enjoyed by players of all kinds.

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