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Ghaulareth’s Vengeance: pirate lives | Review

I received a free copy of Ghaulareth’s Vengeance from the author Diego Pisa for evaluation purposes to write this review. If you are interested in purchasing, you will find the work on DriveThruRPG at a price of $6.00 for the digital copy only, $16.00 for the physical copy only and $22.00 for both versions of the product.

Today I’m talking about an adventure written by the same author of The Wanderer’s Legacy; following the same spirit, it presents the formula of “system neutral”. This choice has positive and negative aspects. Among the first ones certainly there is the possibility of enjoying the product with any game system. On the other hand, however, it also requires greater application by the narrator: the mechanics and statistics are inevitably generic and must be adapted according to the chosen RPG.

But now let’s see what it offers in detail!

Let’s embark on this adventure!

As usual I prefer not to do spoilers; however, I can safely say that, as will be deduced from this review, the dominant spirit in Ghaulareth’s Vengeance is the pirate one. Betrayals, adventures, actions and feelings… The foundations are excellent! We will get to know characters wounded by events and entities far superior to them and who will therefore be irreparably corrupted. Original and well-characterized characters will meet in a story written with passion and involvement.

I have to admit that I didn’t expect such a content organization. Pages dedicated to digressions on characters, past and current events alternate. Although at first this approach confused me slightly, continuing to browse the manual I found the solution. After half of the manual there is a handy guide on how to manage content; how to read the map, how to start the adventure, which events carry on the plot and which endings are available… Now everything makes sense! Then the author’s passion shines through in every paragraph and it is a pleasure to let yourself be carried away by these sensations, although sometimes they are really very emphasized.

At the bottom of the manual there are also some interesting extra contents. First of all a list of unique magical objects themed with this adventure; they are well written and reusable also in other contexts. In addition, there is a thematic index that shows the pages where certain game elements are located.

Review of the physical material of Ghaulareth’s Vengeance

Speaking of pages, Ghaulareth’s Vengeance has about 100 of them and now this review will deal with their physical quality. First of all, they are protected by a solid cover; the quality of the materials is very good, so as to enhance the illustrations. They are really many and their style is very peculiar. In fact, the author in his works blends traditional fantasy with anime-like traits. The colors are very lively and full of energy. The result is very original and inspired, especially if you appreciate the genre.

Among them also the game world map carves out its merits, with the parchment background on which heavy black strokes outline the game locations. If I have to be honest I would also have liked specific maps of the various areas where the events take place.

For the rest, the manual is comfortable to browse and very well laid out, thanks also to the double column style and the clear and legible fonts. Only some titles are slightly more complicated to decipher, but nothing tragic for the fruition of the work.

Last considerations

We have come to the end of this review of Ghaulareth’s Vengeance and the time has come to sum up.

Who could be interested? To those who love pirates, adventure and human affairs. But in general for those who want to take a complete adventure (although not very long) and adapt it to their favorite game system. The price is also very fair (especially in the digital version).

In conclusione posso dirmi soddisfatto di questo prodotto, che ritenga possa offrire interessanti emozioni a chi decide di affrontare questa avventura.

In conclusion I’m satisfied with this product, which I believe can offer interesting emotions to those who decide to face this adventure.

If you enjoyed this review of Ghaulareth’s Vengeance, continue to follow us to stay informed about similar products!

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