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One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk and other oddities

One Page Lore is a publication that offers brilliant characterizations of races far from the usual racist stereotypes. This Kickstarter project is called Fantasy Folk because it treats exotic races such as nagas, elves, gnolls, fairies, dikarya (mushroom people), lizardfolk, halflings, kobolds, quericu (tree people), orcs, dwarfs and goblins.

The contents are suitable for any role-playing game that includes these creatures and can be used for both playing and non-playing characters. There is also information that aims to dispel even some myths related to these races, providing original ideas for adventures.

If you have doubts about this work, you can already consult the pages relating to some races: dwarfs, dikarya, fairies, elves and halflings.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign

One Page Lore

The end of this Kickstarter campaign is just a few days away and the funds requested have already been widely collected and doubled. This also allowed to unlock a stretch goal, that is the presence of a new breed: the winged harpies. If still more funds can be collected, a second (and mysterious) stretch goal is foreseen.

If you decide to contribute, there are only three pledges available:

  • $4 (about €4): digital copy
  • $7 (about €7): digital and physical copy
  • $30 (about €28): digital copy, physical copy and creation of an extra race to be included in the final work

We like this clarity, this simplicity and the possibility of actively participating in the choice of contents; all at a price that is not exaggerated at all.

The author behind One Page Lore… And not only

One Page Lore

The good premises underlying this project are to be found in the talent of the author Jesse Galena. His works are many and for simplicity we invite you to consult them on his official website.

In addition to all this, Jesse has also collaborated on some free tools that are as bizarre as they are useful to the world of RPGs:

Keep following us to stay informed about One Page Lore and Jesse Galena!

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