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Philip Reed and the weight of a dollar

I had mentioned Philip Reed and his dollar project in an old article. His curriculum on Kickstarter counts 23 realized projects. Furthermore it also counts 834 projects supported, an impressive number, even for a compulsive accumulator like me!

This short article aims to focus on two projects, the first of which was delivered to me recently. They are A Dozen Sinister Rumors and A Dozen Troubling Rumors. Above all the best part is that they don’t depend on a particular game system! The only thing to keep in mind is that they are only available in English.

Dozens of PDF!

Philip Reed dollar
I 12 PDF del secondo progetto

The peculiarity of these two Kickstarter projects is to cost only one dollar. Just one dollar for a PDF. There are pledges that are worth more because they offer other projects by the same author as a reward. Otherwise, just give Philip Reed a dollar to get access to everything the project offers. Moreover every $1000 or less a stretch goal is triggered and an additional PDF is offered. In the first case, A Dozen Sinister Rumors, with one dollar I just took home 17 PDFs, while in the second case, A Dozen Troubling Rumors, I will receive another 12 PDFs at the same cost. 29 files for $2! Not bad, right?

The content of the PDF

Each PDF consists of 12 entries of various kinds. Here are some examples:

  • A dozen wanted criminals
  • A dozen city encounters
  • A dozen guild leaders
  • A dozen disconcerting rumors
  • A dozen minor magic items
  • A dozen worriors for hire
  • A dozen desert encounters
  • A dozen magic armors
Philip Reed dollar

Each element is described on a single page. There is a drawing, usually very well done, plus a few equal explanatory paragraphs for each dozen that suggest how to use the element. A quick help to add well-done details to your campaign. All information is disconnected from every system.

Philip Reed dollar
I 17 PDF del primo progetto

In Philip’s latest update he wrote an interesting consideration: if you only take pages with content as subject, the A Dozen Sinister Rumors project has 204 pages. In fact there are much shorter manuals at a completely different price!

Follow the rumors!

Philip Reed dollar

In conclusion, It’s difficult to find faults with these projects. To clarify, they cost almost nothing and provide hundreds of ideas for role-playing games. Certainly Philip Reed and his one-dollar projects can still bring us many joys.

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