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The Feast on Titanhead: Losing Your Mind | Review

I received a copy of The Feast on Titanhead from Games Omnivorous in order to write this review. If you like the product, you can find it on their web-store page for €15 in physical copy (limited to 500 units).

This adventure is part of a series called Manifestus Omnivorous, characterized by some very precise rules (you can read them in the following image) that make these products immediate, artistic and very useful. We anticipate that some images contained in this article (taken directly from the product) may be strong for sensitive people.

Horror needs style…

And with stranger aeons, even death may die.

H. P. Lovecraft

The work starts with this sentence and the inspiration is immediately clear. The tones of cosmic horror refer to the famous author H. P. Lovecraft and the topics treated could very well be at the center of one of his stories. 

The adventure doesn’t have a precise game system, so the first thought is of living it through the mechanics of Call of Cthulhu and the choice wouldn’t be wrong. Another viable option in order to appreciate its dark and distressing tones is Mörk Borg‘s metal desolation. In any case, there are various generic indications that make the narrative effective in almost any system designed to evoke a sense of horror. The rolls to be made and the situations to be solved are varied and original andpresented in a generic enough way to be adaptable to any system, giving each element encountered a unique and complex value.

Without spoiling the plot, I can give you some general indications. First of all, the setting is on the European mountains, but for this a master with a minimum of experience can easily transfer it to other places and at other times. In any case, a group of researchers was exploring these mountains when an excavation revealed something disturbing; a titanic skull has been found, so large that it can be visited and inside which deeply disturbing things are hidden. This research team never came back and the characters (for whatever reason) went to check out what’s going on. What will they find? Maybe they won’t even understand it when they see it… Triviality is not part of this work; you will find immersive descriptions and strong scenes, full of meaning.

… And the style must also be aesthetic

The same care is also found in the manual itself. Classical layout in two columns with appropriate fonts. The 28 pages of The Feast on Titanhead are enclosed in a flexible cover of excellent quality; a red band attached to the binding acts as a bookmark. Its color wonderfully contrasts with the palette of the work, which includes only white, black and gray. However, this choice makes for a very appreciable consistency and style; it isn’t “heavy” on the eyes or “tiring” to read.

All its illustrations are wonderfully macabre, twisted without leading to exaggeration. The depravity of the place is faithfully represented, giving greater weight to the text, but without compromising the aura of mystery that stimulates the imagination. The inside of the cover bears a precise and well-made map of Titanhead, with all its passages and areas marked.

Final thoughts on The Feast on Titanhead

The work has the advantage of being useful in various situations; as a one-shot to try new systems, as a filler adventure in an already started campaign, and/or as a method to introduce people to horror-focused role-playing games. The options are many and all are valid. The cost of about €0.50 per page is actually quite high, but perhaps not exorbitant. Quality is not lacking and pays a dividend on the investment. Moreover, the eccentric and delicious aesthetic makes it one of those manuals that deserves a place in the library of our collection.

The impression The Feast on Titanhead left me with is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates this kind of experience.

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