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Of Warlocks & Patrons: Straight Deal | Review

I received a copy of Of Warlocks & Patrons from Sign of the Dragon in order to write this review. For those interested in purchasing, the product is available on DMs Guild‘s website in digital format at a price of $7.95 (about €7).

This is a compendium with a very specific purpose: to focus on one of the most appreciated classes of D&D5e: the warlock! It gives in-depth analysis, along with the additional benefit of expounding on the mechanics and flavor of these

enchanters whose powers are supplied by a superior and mysterious entity.

The contents of Of Warlocks & Patrons

A useful index introduces the topics dealt with, divided precisely into four chapters and two appendices.

The first chapter contains many tables, very useful for deepening the interpretation of this class; links between the warlock and the patron, aims and messengers of the latter, and so on. There are many ideas that can help in quickly creating characters that have a certain depth.

The second chapter describes two new patrons. The first is The Elemental Lord, an entity linked to a particular element and inclined to grant powers related to it to those who serve him/her/it. Instead the other patron presented is The Spirit, an essence linked to death capable of guaranteeing powers normally attributed to ghosts. Both are well-profiled and full of dedicated powers and spells. Be aware that there are some scattered references to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, so it is advisable to consult it in order to understand every detail.

The third chapter is a collection of valuable Eldritch invocations (particular powers of Warlocks), thanks to which you can give new skills to your characters.

The fourth and final chapter features two new backgrounds, The Chosen and Cultist. They have been designed for Warlocks but can also be applied to other classes without any problem.

The first appendix deals with a by no means trivial topic: how to contact your patron. Here you can find rituals, offers, and everything you need (including mechanics) to try to obtain an audience. However, keep in mind that this isn’t always going to be successful and the consequences of failure may be unpleasant.

Finally the second appendix proposes new monsters. They are well-structured and (even better) useful, since they can be used both as patrons’ servants and as monsters in the classic sense, to be thrown in the adventurers’ paths.

The professionalism of the manual

In Of Warlocks & Patrons, Sign of the Dragon continues not to miss a beat

When it comes to quality of presentation. For all intents and purposes, it seems/feels like an official D&D5e manual. Its 33 pages are made easy to read by the classic double column layout and a nice and spot-on font. Thanks also to panels and tables it is easy to find your way around.

The illustrations inside are not original, but are of excellent quality and very suitable for the contents. They manage to highlight the proposed elements, making it even more pleasant to browse the manual.

Final thoughts on Of Warlocks & Patrons

Compared to other compendiums by the same authors (such as Realm Events), Of Warlocks & Patrons has a slightly higher price, but it isn’t exorbitant and the quality pays a dividend on the investment.

It may not be very versatile, but I highly recommend considering this product for purchase if you want to build original and well-characterized Warlocks.

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